Use Ambigain’s protected and easy to use interactive SMS Gateway to communicate to multiple contacts. Our system helps you to meet your communication objectives. Convey messages from your computer or server rapidly and effectively through our SMS messaging system built and worked by industry specialists.

With Ambigain’s Bulk SMS service you can: Conveniently import, create, and manage contacts and groups, Merge data with your address book, Send individual text messages or multiple group/contact messages, Personalise messages Run history reports, analyze and monitor campaigns, instantly alert your customers or group members of announcements, special offers, send birthday wishes, etc.

We take no subscription fee; the credits purchased are without expiry date.

Please make payment into our MTN Mobile Money account! Afterwards, kindly give us a call on:
Account Name: Ambigain Company Limited
Mobile Number: 055 857 1340

Businesses can use our bulk SMS services in various ways as indicated below:

  • Improved Work Efficiency – Multiple messages can be sent out to a large number of recipients simultaneously, eliminating the need to call each individual separately.
  • Saves Time – Customers use much less time to read a message than logging onto a website or receiving phone calls from businesses.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction Customers receive only relevant and useful information thus establishing a more personal both-way relationship.
  • Decrease Advertising Costs – Send out marketing offers to customers first.

Church leaders can use our bulk SMS services in various ways as indicated below:

  • Church service reminders
  • Invitation to special programmes like crusades etc.
  • Inviting new converts and encouraging them to attend meetings
  • Sending daily devotional and motivational text messages
  • Prayer requests to members
  • Donation requests
  • Tithe and offering reminders
  • Prayer topic reminders during times of fasting
  • Sending messages concerning time sensitive issues to fellowships/groups etc.
  • And many more

Institutions can use our bulk SMS services in various ways as indicated below:

  • Students performance mobile alert
  • Educational news
  • Fees dues(increment, arrears etc.) mobile alert to parents/guardian
  • Normal or emergency mobile notice to parents/guardian
  • Homework reminder mobile alert
  • Examination fees and exam dates mobile reminder
  • School re-opening and vacation dates reminder
  • Sending important management decisions to employees
  • Policies of school concerning hair-do, dress-code etc reminder
  • P.T.A. meetings reminder
  • Speech & Prize Giving day reminder
  • Fund raising, sporting activities and excursions
  • Registration date announcement
  • Complete payment of fees acknowledgement
  • Alerting parent/guardians of absenteeism
  • Public Holidays alert
  • Staff Meeting Alerts

The Bride and Groom can use our bulk SMS services in various ways as indicated below:

  • Invitations to Weddings and Funerals
  • Send reminders as the wedding day approaches
  • Send thank you messages for gifts and donations received.
  • Send thank you messages for attending the program
  • Notification of after-wedding parties and many more


10 260 0.038 5
20 720 0.036 10
50 1,470 0.034 15
100 3,120 0.032 20
200 6,660 0.030 25
500 17,240 0.029 30
1000 35,710 0.028 35
2000 74,070 0.027 40


10 370 0.02702
20 800 0.02500
50 2,170 0.02304
100 4,760 0.02101
200 10,520 0.01901
500 27,740 0.01803
1000 58,650 0.01705
2000 125,000 0.01600


97% of phone users open a SMS text messages within 5 minutes of receiving it
93% of customers are happy to receive occasional messages from brands they know and use
95% of customers rely on branded-messages as confirmation of service flow and status
57% of SMS campaigns receive an average response rate of 25% compared to just 6% for radio
91% of all adults keep their mobile phones within arm’s reach
19% of phone users click to open internet links in an SMS, compared to just 4.2% for emails

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